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Beautiful Sangha Walk - September 2023

We were blessed with dry weather, and even some sunshine, for our peaceful and gentle walk in the beautiful Cotswolds. Severn adults, one (nearly) teenager and a very sociable dog gathered in Hawkesbury Upton to listen to the sound of the bell before setting off through the village, and out into the countryside. The rain held off, the breeze dropped and the temperature remained mild as we walked through woodlands, wandered up and down valleys, found our way across fields and braved some lively cows. It was very enjoyable to have time to catch up with each other as well as to appreciate being out in nature.

One of the highlights was walking in silence along a very peaceful valley as a red kite swooped low over our heads. We could make out individual feathers and its distinctive forked, red tail. We enjoyed our lunch sitting on a log looking down the valley, and, towards the end of the walk we visited the church in Hawkesbury, dating back to the Saxon period. We ended our walk with the sound of the bell and a sense of being being both refreshed and relaxed, if a little tired.


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