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Peace is the Way

Dear Friends,

Please see below an important message from Thay Phap An at the European Institute of Applied Buddhism, Sister Chan Khong, and all the Plum Village monastics requesting that we share their letter to President Biden with all our friends in the practice and particularly our local Sanghas. A letter of explanation is included below and the letter to the President is attached for you to download. This includes many relevant

teachings and a guided meditation which you may find helpful.

In peace

Bristol White Clouds Sangha

Dear Respected Friends of EIAB, Please find enclosed An Open Letter to President Biden 19.10.23, which Thay Phap An and Sr. Chan Khong signed on the behalf of our community in response to the violence in the Middle East. The Berlin Sangha will help to deliver the letter by hand to the US Embassy in Berlin. Hopefully the TNH Foundation in the USA can find a way to deliver it by hand to the White House. Please help to circulate the document to our friends around the world so that we can support humanity during this difficult time. Please help to post the letter on your website or social media and of your center, monastery or Sangha. Thank you very much for your love, care and support to our beloved Thay's vision of Peace on our Mother Earth. With all my best wishes, With deep gratitude, love and respects, Thay Phap An, Sr Chan Khong and the Sisters and Brothers of Plum Village Sangha

Letter from PV to President Biden
Download PDF • 1.09MB


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