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Summary of Sangha Organising Meeting discussion - 9th September 2023

Members of the Sangha ‘Organising Group’ met on Saturday 9 September in Hilary’s garden to discuss practical aspects of running the Sangha, and also to plan for what feels like a period of growing our community as some new people join. We talked about how we can nourish our Sangha and continue to offer the gift of Thây’s teachings to old and new friends.

We began by inviting the bell and sharing a few moments of sitting and breathing, and then had what felt like quite a fruitful meeting where the topics we discussed included:

  • Website our recently launched new Sangha website which you can visit here at

  • Sangha Walk plans for the Sangha walk at Hawkesbury Upton on Sunday 24 September 2023 (see news item), and

  • Day of Mindfulness at Bedminster Quaker Meeting House on Saturday 18 November (more information and bookings for the Day of Mindfulness on the website), and plans for a further DoM in the Spring.

  • Wake-Up Bristol - organising joint events with the Wake Up Group in Bristol

  • Sangha Finances - taking stock of our current financial position as a Sangha, and what we can do to ensure members’ regular dana contributions cover our annual running costs,

  • Growing the pool of facilitators for our Wednesday online and in person meditation evenings. On Sunday 26th November 2023 we have organised a morning session to support Sangha members become new facilitators – we are most grateful to those who have offered to become facilitators. Please get in touch if you are interested in this session or perhaps becoming a facilitator at some point in the future.

  • Organising Group - We welcome Sangha members becoming more involved in the ‘Organising Group’. Any Sangha members who would like to become more involved in supporting the Sangha, you’d be very welcome and please get in touch and we can explain more about what this would involve.


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