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Warming Sunday Lunch get together

On Sunday 28th January 2024 21 adults and 6 children from both Bristol Wake-Up and Bristol White Clouds Sangha spent a really joyful day together.  The sun came out for our walk through St Werburghs and up onto Narroways where we were treated to fabulous views across the city. Happily there was surprisingly little mud!

After our walk, we headed back to the lovely bright and warm space offered by Wildgoose Space in St Werburghs for lunch. Everyone brought a dish to share which made for a delicious and colourful meal. We practised mindful eating at the start of our meal, very well observed by the children.  After lunch we enjoyed deep relaxation followed by singing some Plum Village songs and playing some interactive games to help us connect with each other in a fun and mindful way.  

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to spend time together and especially to welcome children and families to the group.  The event ended with much joyful conversation, hugs and a sense of connection. We hope to continue to offer joint events available for all. 


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